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Who We Are

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Randy Makinson

Student Life Coordinator

Randy had worked for 33 years as a professional race car engine rebuilder but his life took a tragic turn when he began using crack. Within 2 years of being introduced to cocaine he lost everything and began living on the streets. But Randy completed the program at Teen Challenge and enrolled in Horizon Bible College, Saskatoon.

Then he became the Student Life Coordinator at Teen Challenge. As an addict and graduate, Randy can personally relate to a lot of what students are going through. His success story gives new students the confidence to believe that they too will be able to overcome their addictions.

“Students are open when I talk to them about being a former addict because they know that I know exactly what that feels like. I’m a role model in a lot of ways for these men. What I’m doing today is far more meaningful than anything I’ve ever done before. I wouldn’t change my job for anything.”

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